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Technical Links for .NET Developers

A Comparative Overview of C#
This article will focus on the new ways of programming C# offers, and how it intends to improve upon its two closest neigbors, Java and C++.

C# Introduction and Overview
Microsoft information and links to the C# langauge.

Microsoft .NET Homepage
The Microsoft Home Page for .NET Developers

.NET/C# Links Site:
Visual Studio.NET Resources and Information
This is the most extensive page of links to .NET developer information, from DevX compiled by Robert Scoble.

.NET/C# Example Code:
Microsoft Quickstart Many examples of C# code and the .NET libraries.
ibuyspy.com Live Example of an ASP+ Site with source code.

.NET/C# Newsgroups:

.NET/C# Mailing List:
DevelopMentor mailing list High s/n dotnet dicussion group

Andy McMullan's .NET Fundamentals Frequently Asked Questions
DevX's Questions and Answers from the Visual Studio.NET Mailing List

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