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Genamics is a software and web development firm dedicated to ensuring scientists have access to all the computer tools and computer resources available today. As science becomes increasingly reliant on the plethora of new ways computers improve our productivity, it is essential that scientists can readily apply this technology to their work. Our tight communication with scientists and computer technologists enables us to provide both down-to-earth and cutting-edge ways of achieving this goal.


The products and services we create at Genamics are built on three core foundations: 1. Ease of use; 2. High Technology; 3. Future foresight.

1. Ease-of-Use

At Genamics we have strived to make every effort to design our products and services to be as easy as possible to use, yet not compromise their power and flexibility. We have taken great care and thought in creating user interfaces that are highly intuitive and easy to understand. Perhaps most importantly of all, we listen to our users and respond to their suggestions and requirements. It is only by this constant refinement, that we can create products that are genuinely friendly and fulfilling to our users.

2. High Technology

Computers and biotechnology are perhaps the fastest moving industries of our times. The utilization of the latest technology is a key factor in progressing and maintaining our products and services to the forefront in their field. By adopting cutting-edge programming tools, we have been able to drastically reduce development time and have the additional capacity to rapidly steer our applications in new directions. Our broad knowledge in computers and science, allows to select the best technologies to meet our goals and ultimately provide the best experience for our users.

Applications built at Genamics are developed using a highly object-oriented approach. This has allowed us to build up a large library of general components and controls, which can readily be re-used for new and upcoming projects. Our Visual J++ Developer Center provides the medium by which we can maintain contacts and support with Visual J++ programmers on an international scale. Being largely open-source, the Genamics Library mutually benefits programmers and us, by allowing it to be extended in ways that would not be possible within a single company. Custom coursework - reliable research papers writing help from a team of professional writers.

3. Future Foresight

With the fast moving industries that we are involved in, predicting and understanding their future directions is especially important to us. Consequently, the solutions we create don't just solve the problems of our customers today, but are also ready to handle the problems of tomorrow. The products and services we build are designed within a highly open framework, with many of these future considerations in mind. Similarly, the tools and technologies we adopt to create our solutions are chosen not just for how much can be achieved currently with them, but also for their own future potential and capacity to meet future challenges.

At Genamics we are continually prospecting for new innovations and technologies. Already, we have a number of exciting new projects underway, which we hope to bring to you in the near future.

The Company

Genamics was established in January, 1999 and is privately funded. Our office is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. Genamics is expanding rapidly, and we are actively seeking investors, and potential corporate partners.

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