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2D Hunt Internet Browser
2-D Electrophoresis Finder provides an interface for searching 2D electrophoresis-related pages on the web, by keyword.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

3-Dee Internet Browser
3 Dee is a database of protein domain definitions.
Web Site Home Web Site: EBI

3D Crunch Internet Browser
3DCrunch is a Very Large Scale Protein Modelling Project, which was run from May 18 to 20 at the Silicon Graphics Advanced Technology Center in Cortaillod (Ne) Switzerland.The aim of 3Dcrunch is to submit all entries of the SWISS-PROT and trEMBL databases to SWISS-MODEL. Furthermore, all sequences of bacterial origin will be submitted to fold the recognition algorithm implemented in FoldFit. Taken together, these approaches will yield structural models for all sequences with clear similarities to proteins of know 3-D structure and a suggested fold class for all bacterial sequences.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

3D-PSSM Internet Browser  Windows
Protein fold recognition using 1D and 3D sequence profiles coupled with secondary structure information (Foldfit).
Web Site Home Web Site: Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory

AACompIdent Internet Browser
Identify a protein by its amino acid composition.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

AACompSim Internet Browser
AACompSim is a tool which allows the comparison of the amino acid composition of a SWISS-PROT entry with all other SWISS-PROT entries so as to find the proteins whose amino acid compositions are closest to that of the selected entry.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

ABI Trace Data, Lab and Computer Protocols: Washington U.-Merck Human EST Project Internet Browser
Users of EST data may directly view the original trace data, which is useful in interpreting sequencing results, using the 'View a Sequence' function on the home page.
Web Site Home Web Site: Washington University

AGADIR Internet Browser
An algorithm to predict the helical content of peptides.
Web Site Home Web Site: EMBL

ALIGN Internet Browser  Windows
Aligns two sequences.
Web Site Home Web Site: Genestream (IGH)

AMAS Internet Browser  Unix
Analyse multiply aligned protein sequences to find likely functional residues.
Web Site Home Web Site: EBI

Align: Compendium of Protein Sequence Alignments Internet Browser
ALIGN is a compendium of sequence alignments: it is a companion resource to PRINTS. For each fingerprint, there is a corresponding alignment in NBRF format, the root name of which is the relevant PRINTS code. The database codes used in the alignments reflect the primary source from which they came: the codes may change between database releases, so alignments derived from early versions of OWL will include original rather than current codes.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biomolecular Structure and Modelling Unit, University College London

Aligner Internet Browser
With this tool you can align easily your multiple sequences DNA or protein, based on a Clustalw engine.
Web Site Home Web Site: JustBio.com

Allergens in Swiss_prot Internet Browser
Nomenclature and index of allergen sequences in the SWISS-PROT Protein Sequence Data Bank.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

Amino Acid Quizzer! Internet Browser
Learning tool to help students understand protein structure. The general idea is to assign each student (or pair of students) a sequence number or range. Their goal is to type in the assigned number(s), then identify the amino acid(s) displayed, including which is N-terminal and which is C-terminal. Optionally, they can then characterize the amino acid as charged, polar but not charged, or hydrophobic, etc. Requires Chime plugin for Netscape.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Analytic Surface Calculation Internet Browser
EMBL's Analytic Surface Calculation Service calculates the surface of a given PDB structure.
Web Site Home Web Site: Bork Group, EMBL

Antibodies: Structure and Sequence Internet Browser
This page attempts to summarise useful information on antibody structure and sequence. It provides a query interface to the Kabat antibody sequence data, general information on antibodies and crystal structures and links to other antibody-related information.
Web Site Home Web Site: University College London

Antibody Internet Browser
An introductory presentation on Antibodies, suitable for lectures or individual study. Requires Chime plugin for Netscape.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Arabidopsis: the Compleat Guide Internet Browser
Detailed information on growth, tissue culture, DNA/RNA techniques, YACs and microscopy relating to Arabidopsis.
Web Site Home Web Site: Stanford Genomic Resources

Atlas of Protein Side-chain Interactions Internet Browser
This atlas depicts how amino acid side-chains pack against one another within the known protein structures. This packing, which is governed by the interactions between the 20 different types of side-chains, determines the structure, function, and stability of proteins.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biomolecular Structure and Modelling Unit, University College London

BCM PSSP Internet Browser
Protein secondary structure prediction using a variety of algorithms.
Web Site Home Web Site: Baylor College of Medicine

BLAST 2.0 Internet Browser  MS-DOS
A tool used to identify any potential homologies of a given DNA or protein sequence with those stored in GenBank.
Web Site Home Web Site: NCBI

BLASTView Internet Browser
Demonstration of bioWidgets toolkit for processing BLAST search results.
Web Site Home Web Site: CBIL, University of Pennsylvania

Beacon Designer Free Edition Internet Browser
Beacon Designer Free Edition is a free web based oligo properties calculator for analysing SYBR Green Primers and TaqMan Probes for possible secoondary structures such and for accurately calculating Primer and Probe Tm. Beacon Designer free edition also displays sequence details such as sequence length, runs, repeats, reverse, reverse complement and GC%.
Web Site Home Web Site: Premier Biosoft

Becoming a Successful Scientist Internet Browser
Provides information and links of interest on succeeding in scientific research.
Web Site Home Web Site: Becoming a Successful Scientist

BibioSphere PathwayEdition Internet Browser  Linux  Mac  Unix  Windows
BiblioSpherePE allows for dynamic data-driven network/pathway construction and analysis based on literature, the Genomatix Knowledge Base, and promoter DNA sequence analysis. It is an important component of the micro array data analysis pipeline offered by Genomatix.
Web Site Home Web Site: Genomatix

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