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ABI to FASTA free converter Windows
This free tool will batch convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button. With this automatic converter you can convert hundreds or thousands of ABI chromatogram files in seconds. All with A SINGLE PUSH OF A BUTTON! ---------- No installation process is required.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser Contig Assembler

Add Journals Windows
We are one of the most leading USA academic publishing groups,Publishing books and Journals since 2001. David Publishing Company enjoys international recognition as a rapidly growing new publishing company which mainly publishes English academic journals and books. At present, it publishes more than 40 academic journals monthly. Our journals cover all the academic areas including medicine, engineering, technology, natural science, social science, humanity and so on. Our authors and readers are from more than 165 countries. All of our journals are peer reviewed. And also, our reviewers and editorial board members are from different countries all over the world. We foster communication among our customers - researchers, students and professionals - enabling them to work more efficiently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning. We provide special services for the professional market. We not only publish books, journals, conference proceedings but also cooperate with conference organizers and societies and so on.
Web Site Home Web Site: David Publishing Company

Anatomy Case Studies Windows
This set of programs, authored with Asymetrix Toolbook, is for use as a teaching aid in Anatomy courses for pre-clinical medical students. Their aim is to help gain an understanding of regional Gross Anatomy. They may be used as a supplement to existing classes in Gross Anatomy, emphasising the Applied aspects of such a course. Each program consists of a series of clinical case notes, upon which the student is required to act, or answer questions. A set of three case histories is documented for each region of the body.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Anatomy and Histology of Kidney Windows
This tutorial package, developed using Asymetrix Toolbook, serves as an introduction as well as revision tutorials for first year science and medical undergraduates. It introduces the students to the gross anatomy and histology of the kidney and is designed to complement ongoing lectures and practicals. The package is highly interactive with a series of MCQs and text based questions that require keyboard entry and mouse identification of structures. As the student progresses they 'zoom' in from macroscopic to electon-microscopic views of the kidney.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Cardiovascular Physiology: An Introduction for Science & Medicine Windows
This tutorial package, developed using Asymetrix Toolbook, serves both as an introduction as well as a series of linked revision tutorials for first year science and medical undergraduates. It introduces the basic concepts of cardiovascular physiology and is designed to complement ongoing lecture material. The package is highly interactive with animated graphics linked to a series of MCQs and text based questions that require keyboard entry. Correct answers are rewarded with additional information. It is currently divided into six sections comprising: structure of the circulation; structure of the heart; special conducting system; electrical properties of the heart; modulation of electrical activity of the heart; the electrocardiogram.
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Case Studies in Clinical Medicine Windows
This suite of programs was developed for use by medical undergraduates in their clinical years. The CAL material covers a range of topics including hypercalcaemia, neonatology and cervical screening. They form part of an ongoing development of the application of multi-media CAL to medical teaching at Aberdeen. The standards and format are identical to the Toolbook teaching programs used in the pre-clinical years at Aberdeen. This facilitates the exchange of material between pre-clinical & clinical teaching and ease of undergraduate use throughout the medical curriculum. The cervical screening program requires the use of the Pathology laser disk. One of the short programs, the ELISA tutor, was developed and written by a medical undergraduate and clearly illustrates the ease with which CAL material can be created with Toolbook.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment (CESE) Linux  Mac  Unix  Windows
Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment (CESE) is a comprehensive framework specifically designed to perform computational electrophysiological simulations, for example, simulations of cardiac myocyte electrical activity. CESE is useful for simulations of action potentials, individual ionic currents, and changes in ionic concentrations.
Web Site Home Web Site: Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment

Chromatogram Explorer-Exploring and trimming your chromatograms is not a problem anymore Mac  Windows
Chromatogram Explorer is a very easy to use tool that will list all chromatogram files (SCF, ABI, AB1, AB) in the current folder. You can view the chromatograms while browsing through folders using its integrated Windows Explorer. Chromatogram Explorer can also trim low quality bases at the ends of your samples with a single push of a button! Now you can process/sort/search chromatograms in seconds.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser - Free biology software

CodonCode Aligner Sequence Assembler Mac  Windows
CodonCode Aligner is user-friendly software for DNA sequence assembly and alignment. Features include end clipping, vector trimming, sequence assembly, alignment to reference sequences, cDNA to genomic DNA alignment, contig editing, and mutation detection. CodonCode Aligner offers many time saving and unique features, including the ability to align contigs with Clustal and muscle, trace sharpening, roundtrip editing, and base calling with Phred.
Web Site Home Web Site: CodonCode Aligner Sequence Assembly and Alignment

DIG - Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence Linux  Unix  Windows
DIG is a Data Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence tool for data workers, labs, and webmasters. Use DIG to clean up duplicates, consolidate, trim, query, summarize large data set in Excel/Access, log files, Oracle, MySQL, lab or POS systems, or any databases. Comes with powerful Excel/Access add-ons, ad-hoc query & multi-dimensional analysis. Watch on-line demo, get a free 30-day trial, then pay $96/yr or $8/month.
Web Site Home Web Site: DigDB

EpiSurveyor Internet Browser  Mac  Windows
EpiSurveyor is the first web 2.0 application for global health and international development. It
Web Site Home Web Site: www.episurveyor.org

Genetic MS-DOS  Windows
Web Site Home Web Site: www.arya.com

Gensearch Windows
Gensearch is a user-friendly locus specific software application assisting biologists in the analysis of DNA sequences. Gensearch quickly and reliably proposes potential mutation locations, interpreting their potential consequences, and offering all necessary information when evaluating his DNA sequence data. Gensearch has been validated on the LDLR gene with more than 300 patients, the equivalent of around 6000 amplicons, demonstrating its high specificity and selectivity as well as an impressive gain in time versus the current semi-manual process.  
Web Site Home Web Site: PhenoSystems

Gideon MS-DOS
Diagnosis and reference in various medical situations is the purpose of this interactive computer program.
Web Site Home Web Site: C.Y Informatics

Graph Paper Printer Windows
A program to print custom graph paper and music paper which supports numerous formats. A world-wide success of interest for a very wide range of users.
Web Site Home Web Site: Clinical Laboratory Software

Grid cell counter Windows
This freeware tool will help you to count the cells shown on computer
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser

Growth and Development Windows
This introductory 1.5-hour ToolBook was composed by an interdisciplinary team (Aberdeen University Departments of Biomedical Sciences, Child Health and Obstetrics & Gynaecology) primarily for use in the medical curriculum. It uses images, diagrams and graphs extensively to impart basic concepts. It gives access to specialist extension material on Bone, Lung and Central Nervous System.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Histology of Nerve Tissues Windows
This short suite of programs, written using the Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook authoring package, is for use by pre-clinical medical and science undergraduates as part of their histology practical classes in Anatomy. The material covers the macro and microscopic structure of the principle components of the human nervous system. It uses an extensive collection of digitised images obtained from histological sections,together with appropriate tutorial material linked to a series of problems and multiple choice questions. It allows several attempts at each problem offering hints and tips before giving the correct answer. The program is divided into three main sections linked together with a general introduction. The sections comprise: The Peripheral Nervous System; The Central Nervous System; The Autonomic Nervous System.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

HypnoSoft Internet Browser
Online hypnosis creation software incorporating user responses into a self hypnosis script resulting in a self hypnosis mp3 audio file.
Web Site Home Web Site: HypnoSoft

Hypothalamus Pituitary System Windows
This 1-hour ToolBook is used in the junior medical curriculum to ensure that students can summarise and apply knowledge of the hypothalamus - adenohypophysis (anterior pituitary) - peripheral endocrine gland axes. Special attention is given to control of secretion and physiological effects of the glucocorticoids and the thyroid hormones. Users first complete a graphic to obtain a holistic view of the system, summarising hormone families and secretions within each axis. They then derive and test explanations for a set of clinical observations concerning the hypothalamus - pituitary - thyroid gland axis.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

IJARBS Windows
International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences publishes original papers, review articles, and short communications. The mission of International Journal of Current Research in Biological Sciences is to significantly broaden the knowledge base of its readers and in this sense; the journal shall focus on only those papers that fall within its scope. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in the fields of science and Agricultural sciences and medical science and other fields of basic and applied sciences. International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences aims to publishers various fields of biological sciences including Life sciences, Medical sciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Agricultural Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Environmental Sciences, Botany, Plant Science, Biochemistry, Zoology, Marine Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacology, Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Anatomy, Nutrition and Metabolism, Cancer Research and Experimental Oncology, Clinical Pathology and Forensic, Medicine, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Microbiology and Plant Pathology.
Web Site Home Web Site: International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences

IJPT online open access journal Internet Browser
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology(ISSN:0975-766X)is the officeal scintific publication,IJPT is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles and circulated electronically via the World Wide Web. IJPT is published four times per year and aims to provide a platform to the young researchers of pharmaceutical sciences.
Web Site Home Web Site: www.ijptonline.com

Instant EPA's Pesticide Facts Windows
This database contains information on trade names, use patterns, formulations, chemical and physical properties, toxicological acute and chronic effects, physiological, biochemical, and ecological effects and EPA contacts for over 200 pesticides (both chemical and biological types). We've added hyperlinked glosssaries of acronyns, abbreviations and technical terms to make it easier to use this comprehensive technical database. Hot keys link data from chemical names and EPA Methods in this publication to all of the others in the Professional PC References / Windows tm Series.
Web Site Home Web Site: Instant Reference Sources

Instant Tox-Base Windows
Instant Tox-Base contains toxicological summaries in text and tabular format on over 1,800 chemicals. Edited from a $2,000,000 NTP database carefully collected over twelve years, these valuable summaries can be owned for just pennies each. They contain data on carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, mutations and accute toxicity on humans and a large variety of animal species. Dosage amounts and the mode of exposure are also included and, when available, irritation data are listed. Hot keys link data from chemical names in this publication to all of the others in the Professional PC References / Windows tm Series.
Web Site Home Web Site: Instant Reference Sources

International Journal of Biological & Medical Research (IJBMR) Internet Browser  Linux  Windows
International Journal of Biological & Medical Research (IJBMR) publishes papers describing original research in all areas of contemporary biological and medical fields. Submitted original research papers should represent a novel and important contribution to the understanding of any area of biological and medical research and provide mechanistic insights into the process. All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical, and will be peer-reviewed. Articles submitted to the journal should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication. Manuscripts should follow the style of the journal and are subject to both review and editing. International Journal of biological and medical research is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary online journal published in quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October. The journal accepts Original Articles, Review Articles, Case Report and Short Report. Scope of the Article All Biological & Medical Sciences like Anesthesiology, Animal Research, Basic medical sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Biology, Cancer biology, Cardiology, Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Dibetology, Dermatology, ENT, Endocrinology, Free radical Biology, General surgery, General Medicine, Genetics, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Hematology, Herbal Therapy, Human physiology, Immunology, Infertility, Infectious Diseases, Laboratory Medicine & Techniques, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology, Neonatology, Neurology, Nephrology, Nursing care, Nutrition, Oncology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Plant Study, Plant Bio Technology, Pharmacology, Pulmonology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, STDs, Stem Cell Research, Toxicology, Urology & Virology, etc
Web Site Home Web Site: BioMedSciDirect publications

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