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FASTA to multi-FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This freeware tool will look for all FASTA files in the specified folder and will merge their content in a single file, generating a standard or custom Multi-FASTA file. FREEWARE!
Web Site Home Web Site: FASTA 2 multiFASTA

Multi-FASTA to FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This FREEWARE program will split a multi-FASTA file in multiple standard FASTA files.
Web Site Home Web Site: multiFASTA spliter

ABI to FASTA free converter Windows
This free tool will batch convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button. With this automatic converter you can convert hundreds or thousands of ABI chromatogram files in seconds. All with A SINGLE PUSH OF A BUTTON! ---------- No installation process is required.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser Contig Assembler

AssayZap 2.5 Mac
Zap is an assay analysis tool usable for general assay purposes but with special tools to facilitate automatic assay equipment used for ELISA, RIA and IRMA. 68k and PPC versions included. Demo Only.
Download  (269 kb, 02-Feb-1995)

AssayZap 2.5 Information Mac
Zap is an assay analysis tool usable for general assay purposes but with special tools to facilitate automatic assay equipment used for ELISA, RIA and IRMA. Information file only.
Download  (3 kb, 02-Feb-1995)

Control and collection software for the BioStat B fermentor. The BioStat control program collects process data and display them in a graphical window. A graphical control interface is used to control/set all setpoints and numerical displays show the current settings. When a fermentation run is started, date and time is registered and total fermentation time is recorded. It is possible to make timed events and profiles, and intelligent substrate control is in the hands of a fuzzy logic module. A internet client is available, thus you can control and evaluate a fermentation run from an off-site computer.
Web Site Home Web Site: Protein Chemistry Laboratory, University of Aarhus

BLAST 2.0 Internet Browser  MS-DOS
A tool used to identify any potential homologies of a given DNA or protein sequence with those stored in GenBank.
Web Site Home Web Site: NCBI

Beacon Designer Mac  Windows
Beacon Designer is a tool for designing probes and primers for real time detection of PCR products. Designs primers and probes for multiplex and allele discrimination assays. Displays secondary structures in a simple graphical format. Uses statistical optimization techniques to output the best rated primer/probe pair. Generates a list of alternate probes to meet specific research needs. Allows complete control over design parameters. Evaluates pre-designed/published beacons and primers. Integrates to web to BLAST search and open sequences from Entrez. Exports results in a tab delimited format ready to be loaded into a database, spreadsheet, or sent for oligo synthesis.
Web Site Home Web Site: PREMIER Biosoft

Becoming a Successful Scientist Internet Browser
Provides information and links of interest on succeeding in scientific research.
Web Site Home Web Site: Becoming a Successful Scientist

BioReagent LIMS
BioRoot Bioinformatics is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering communication, collaboration, and increased productivity in the biological sciences through information exchange. We provide a free centralized database service to collect, store, and disseminate information about commonly used molecular biology reagents: oligonucleotides, plasmids, and strains. Use of this bio-reagent LIMS will cut costs, save time, and accelerate research benefiting the bench scientist, the PI, and the patient.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioRoot Bioinformatics

BioToolKit Mac  Windows
BioToolKit is a collection of tools frequently used by bench biomedical scientists. Functions include centrifugation speed/force conversion, molecular weight calculation for chemicals, oligos, and peptides, molar concentration calculator, OD calculator, recipe calculator, clinical calculator, primer design, peptide antigen design, grade book, and label printing.
Web Site Home Web Site: Chang Bioscience

Biocompare Internet Browser
Biocompare helps life scientists find scientific products by providing complete, unbiased product information, including reviews, profiles of new technologies and links directly to supplier product pages. With Biocompare, perform side-by-side comparisons of product specifications and prices, to make informed decisions.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biocompare

Bioexplorer Toolbar Internet Browser  Windows
The Bioexplorer Toolbar is the fastest and easiest way to get the information you want from NCBI databases (PubMed, Protein, Nucleotide, and Taxonomy) and from other biological Web resources. It also allows you to search Google, Britannica and Amazon books directory and contains links for fast redirection to literature databases, companies websites, BLAST, ClustalW et.c. All previous searches (up to 20) are stored in the history box. You can clear the history box from the Bioexplorer Toolbar main menu by clicking
Web Site Home Web Site: Bioexplorer Toolbar

Biological Research Protocol Books Internet Browser
Comprehensive and organized list of protocol books in biochemistry, molecular biology, and other life sciences.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biological Research Protocol Books

This program is used to determine the amount of CIP (Calf Intestinal Phosphatase) to add to the CIP reaction.
Download  (45 kb, 16-Jan-1990)

CLONES is a database for the products of molecular biology techniques. Stores data about bacterial strains, cloning vectors (phage and plasmid), recombinant clones, and recombinant libraries.
Download  (165 kb, 07-Mar-1990)

Chromatogram Explorer-Exploring and trimming your chromatograms is not a problem anymore Mac  Windows
Chromatogram Explorer is a very easy to use tool that will list all chromatogram files (SCF, ABI, AB1, AB) in the current folder. You can view the chromatograms while browsing through folders using its integrated Windows Explorer. Chromatogram Explorer can also trim low quality bases at the ends of your samples with a single push of a button! Now you can process/sort/search chromatograms in seconds.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser - Free biology software

Clone MS-DOS
This program is a database management system for recombinant DNA clones and hosts.
Download  (92 kb, 16-Mar-1990)

CloneIt Internet Browser  Unix
A program for use in plasmid cloning to quickly find in-frame deletions, sub-cloning, and frameshifts strategies.
Web Site Home Web Site: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

CloneTracker Windows
On-demand production of custom high-density arrays appropriate to any conceivable gene expression studies is now possible on the lab benchtop. With the new arrayer instruments, probes can be dispensed accurately and precisely in any desired grid configuration. But organizing and programming the deposition of thousands of probes per array and managing the fabrication process to assure correct identification of each probe is a daunting task. CloneTracker was created specifically for the purpose of automating microarray production and management.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioDiscovery

Cloning MS-DOS
This program calculates: (a) the probability of a gene being intact in one of more of a given number of clones, and (b) the number of clones a gene library should contain for there to be a given probability of the gene being intact in some clone.
Download  (65 kb, 02-Jun-1994)

ConvAn Windows
ConvAn (Convergence Analysis) is a novel software tool that helps user in friendly GUI to gather, compere, analyze and make prediction about optimization behavior in statistical way based on previously obtained results of optimization runs. The first version of ConvAn was released on 25.05.2011. ConvAn also advices the best method from internal data base for particular model parameter set, that can save time and effort by optimizing model in the most efficient way. ConvAn works on machines running Windows XP operating system or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher. CovnAn is developed with funding sources of of a project of European Structural Fund Nr. 2009/0207/1DP/ "Latvian Interdisciplinary Interuniversity Scientific Group of Systems Biology"
Web Site Home Web Site: Biosystems group

CryoTrack IMS Windows
CryoTrackIMS is a complete software package - ideal for molecular biology, cell banks, cellular biology, clinical samples, chemical labs, biochemistry, immunology and protein labs, high-throughput screening, QA, IVF labs and core facilities. Suitable for all storage formats and locations such as liquid nitrogen, freezers, refrigerators and room temperature storage.
Web Site Home Web Site: CryoTrack Sample Tracking Software

Cutcosts 2.31 MS-DOS
CUTCOSTS was written in order to help finding the most inexpensive way through the jungle of restriction enzyme prices.
Download  (75 kb, 05-Jun-1991)

DIG - Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence Linux  Unix  Windows
DIG is a Data Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence tool for data workers, labs, and webmasters. Use DIG to clean up duplicates, consolidate, trim, query, summarize large data set in Excel/Access, log files, Oracle, MySQL, lab or POS systems, or any databases. Comes with powerful Excel/Access add-ons, ad-hoc query & multi-dimensional analysis. Watch on-line demo, get a free 30-day trial, then pay $96/yr or $8/month.
Web Site Home Web Site: DigDB

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