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FASTA to multi-FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This freeware tool will look for all FASTA files in the specified folder and will merge their content in a single file, generating a standard or custom Multi-FASTA file. FREEWARE!
Web Site Home Web Site: FASTA 2 multiFASTA

Multi-FASTA to FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This FREEWARE program will split a multi-FASTA file in multiple standard FASTA files.
Web Site Home Web Site: multiFASTA spliter

Constructing 2D crossover-based map.
Web Site Home Web Site: GenLink, Washington University

3D-PSSM Internet Browser  Windows
Protein fold recognition using 1D and 3D sequence profiles coupled with secondary structure information (Foldfit).
Web Site Home Web Site: Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory

ABI to FASTA free converter Windows
This free tool will batch convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button. With this automatic converter you can convert hundreds or thousands of ABI chromatogram files in seconds. All with A SINGLE PUSH OF A BUTTON! ---------- No installation process is required.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser Contig Assembler

ACT - Analysis for Complex Traits Unix
This software currently contains an 'ibd' program that calculates the proportion of genes identical by descent for a nuclear family, 'ml' which uses maximum likelihood methods to provide estimates of variance components for quantitative traits using linked markers, 'ql' which estimates variance components using quasilikelihood methods (for not so normally distributed data), 'multic' which performs maximum likelihood analysis for multivariate data with or without ascertainment corrections, and 'ibdn' which is a modification of the ERPA program to provide i.b.d. calculations for extended pedigrees and to be used with ml, ql, or multic.
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Epidemiology, University of Texas Download  (803 kb, 12-May-1998)

Program for mapping disease genes by allelic association.
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Human Genetics, University of South Hampton

ALP Windows
Automated Linkage Preprocessor. Determines sizes of microsatellite fragments separated on an A.L.F. Sequencer (Pharmacia Biotech), removes stutter, performs genotyping and Mendelian checks, and formats data for Lathrop's Linkage Program Package.
Web Site Home Web Site: MRC Human Genetics Unit

A set of useful accessory programs to the LINKAGE package. it simplifies the performance of a large array of parametric and nonparametric tests for linkage and association on data entered in LINKAGE format pedigree and parameter files.
Web Site Home Web Site: Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford

A program which estimates ancestor states for a continuous trait, and provides a "standard error" for the marginal distribution of each estimate.
Web Site Home Web Site: University British Columbia

Affected Pedigree-Member Method. C and Pascal and FORTRAN source code.
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh

An exploratory population genetics software environment able to handle large samples of molecular data (RFLPs, DNA sequences, microsatellites), while retaining the capacity of analyzing conventional genetic data (standard multi-locus data or mere allele frequency data).
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Anthropology and Ecology, University of Geneva

Affected Sib Pairs EXclusion map. A set of programs for performing multipoint exclusion mapping of affected sibling pair data for discrete traits. C source code (TCL library is needed); the utility scripts are written in Perl.
Web Site Home Web Site: Stanford

Aligner Internet Browser
With this tool you can align easily your multiple sequences DNA or protein, based on a Clustalw engine.
Web Site Home Web Site: JustBio.com

Analyse Mac  Windows
A program for the population genetic analysis of geographic variation and hybrid zones.
Web Site Home Web Site: Barton & Baird

Array Designer Linux  Mac
Array Designer is a high-throughput program for designing highly specific oligos for expression and SNP detection microarrays. The program has a unique homology avoidance algorithm that ensures high specificity. The sequences are BLASTed, the results are automatically interpreted and the most optimal oligos are designed avoiding regions of signinficant homology. The program enables BLAST search of the oligos designed. This feature helps in verifying their specificity. It is also possible to BLAST search sequences against all the databases available at NCBI for cross species studies. The design can be exported in a convenient spreadsheet format for ordering synthesis.conditions.
Web Site Home Web Site: PREMIER Biosoft International

Non-parametric linkage analysis using allele sharing in sib pairs
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Human Genetics, University of South Hampton

BLAST 2.0 Internet Browser  MS-DOS
A tool used to identify any potential homologies of a given DNA or protein sequence with those stored in GenBank.
Web Site Home Web Site: NCBI

BLOCK Linux  MS-DOS  Unix
Blocking Gibbs sampler for pedigree analysis. This program is for linkage analysis of large complex pedigrees.
Web Site Home Web Site: Aalborg University

Programs for inference of genealogical relationships from genetic data, including sibship inference.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Washington, Department of Statistics

BibioSphere PathwayEdition Internet Browser  Linux  Mac  Unix  Windows
BiblioSpherePE allows for dynamic data-driven network/pathway construction and analysis based on literature, the Genomatix Knowledge Base, and promoter DNA sequence analysis. It is an important component of the micro array data analysis pipeline offered by Genomatix.
Web Site Home Web Site: Genomatix

Bifido Punnett Square Calculator Windows
The magnificent genetic calculator. With this tool generation of punnett squares would be an easy job. You can get absolutely correct results for most difficult genetics crosses as well, as for simple problems of mendelian inheritance. Because the unique algorithm the program works amazingly fast. It is pruduce complex punnett squares in seconds. And if you need calculate offspring results for real genetics experiments you easily do this with random statistics module included in this software product. This program has a friendly interface and has many useful features. Like a professional geneticist you can mark dominant allel as "+" symbol and use multiple letters for alleles designation. You have an opportunity to solve genetics problems for linkage and sex-linkage and polygenic inheritance. It can simulate disturbance of the meiosis process and produce ratio and probability for polyploids as well, as for dipploids. In this way the solution of polyploidy crosses would not cause any problems. If you have a deal with genes interactions, than this product will be helpful too. Through to a powerful mechanism of traits files it is possible to solve the crosses with epistasis, incomplete dominance, codominance and polygenic inheritance. You can use the prepared examples files and write your own traits files. On the program support site you find information for each cases of using the program. Besides of the punnett square calculator there are an extensions, like Fruit Fly Sex Calculator (for determine the sex of fruit flies - Drosophila melanogaster), Crossing Over Map Calculator (to determine the distance between genes (up to three genes) on genetic map with crossing over process), and Recombination Progeny Calculator(to determine how many progeny in the screen you need for find at least one recombination progeny).
Web Site Home Web Site: Bifidosoft

Computerized Affected Sibling Pair Analyzer and Reporter. CASPAR's main novel feature is conditional linkage analyses, in which the population can be subdivided according to criteria at some loci and analyzed for linkage at other loci. CASPAR uses simulation to overcome the problems inherent in such multiple testing.
Download  (516 kb, 12-May-1997)

Developed from crimap v2.4 for use with the map suite of programs.
Web Site Home Web Site: Department of Human Genetics, University of South Hampton

CERVUS Windows
A program for likelihood-based parentage inference using codominant marker data. It can be used to calculate allele frequencies, run simulations to determine critical values of likelihood ratios and analyse parentage in populations of animals and plants.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Edinburgh

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