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FASTA Merger - freeware Windows
This tool will look for all FASTA files in the specified folder and will merge their content in a single file.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser

FASTA to multi-FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This freeware tool will look for all FASTA files in the specified folder and will merge their content in a single file, generating a standard or custom Multi-FASTA file. FREEWARE!
Web Site Home Web Site: FASTA 2 multiFASTA

Multi-FASTA to FASTA converter Mac  Windows
This FREEWARE program will split a multi-FASTA file in multiple standard FASTA files.
Web Site Home Web Site: multiFASTA spliter

ABI to FASTA free converter Windows
This free tool will batch convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button. With this automatic converter you can convert hundreds or thousands of ABI chromatogram files in seconds. All with A SINGLE PUSH OF A BUTTON! ---------- No installation process is required.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser Contig Assembler

ALP Windows
Automated Linkage Preprocessor. Determines sizes of microsatellite fragments separated on an A.L.F. Sequencer (Pharmacia Biotech), removes stutter, performs genotyping and Mendelian checks, and formats data for Lathrop's Linkage Program Package.
Web Site Home Web Site: MRC Human Genetics Unit

Authorin 1.2 MS-DOS
Authorin helps you prepare sequence data for submission to GenBank, the EMBL Data Library, and the DNA Data Bank of Japan. Authorin also supports protein sequences and can be used to prepare data for submission to PIR, MIPS, and JIPID.
Download  (380 kb, 18-Jan-1992)

Authorin 3.0 Mac
Authorin helps you prepare sequence data for submission to GenBank, the EMBL Data Library, and the DNA Data Bank of Japan. Authorin also supports protein sequences and can be used to prepare data for submission to PIR, MIPS, and JIPID.
Download  (637 kb, 18-Sep-1992)

AutoVue, developed by Cimmetry Systems, is a view, markup and conversion software for over 200 business, graphics and 2D/3D modeling formats. View and annotate multiple formats from within a single interface, without needing the authoring application.
Web Site Home Web Site: Cimmetry Systems Inc.

BLAST 2.0 Internet Browser  MS-DOS
A tool used to identify any potential homologies of a given DNA or protein sequence with those stored in GenBank.
Web Site Home Web Site: NCBI

Babel 1.6 MS-DOS  Unix  Windows
Babel is a program designed to interconvert a number of file formats currently used in molecular modeling. Babel is capable of assigning hybridization, bond order, and connectivity when these elements are not present in the input file. Babel has the ability to add and delete hydrogens from any file format.
Web Site Home Web Site: OpenEye Scientific Software

Btab 3.0 Unix
Blast Output Tabulator. Btab parses the human-readable Blast output and discerns the numerical and alignment data of interest. It collects these numbers and text fields and places them in a standardized tabular format, which it outputs as a textfile.
Download  (170 kb, 22-Dec-1992)

Convert output from CEPH DBMS to CRI-MAP format
Download  (14 kb, 26-May-1994)

CPL: Collection Programming Language Internet Browser
The goal of the CPL project is to provide a uniform query interface to heterogeneous biological data sources.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Pennsylvania

Chromatogram Explorer-Exploring and trimming your chromatograms is not a problem anymore Mac  Windows
Chromatogram Explorer is a very easy to use tool that will list all chromatogram files (SCF, ABI, AB1, AB) in the current folder. You can view the chromatograms while browsing through folders using its integrated Windows Explorer. Chromatogram Explorer can also trim low quality bases at the ends of your samples with a single push of a button! Now you can process/sort/search chromatograms in seconds.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser - Free biology software

Cleaner Internet Browser
With this tool you can simply and quickly clean your sequences from unwanted text marks and spaces. This is useful after retrieving sequences from online databases for example.
Web Site Home Web Site: JustBio.com

DBConvert 3.2 Mac
DBConvert is a small program whose purpose is to facilitate the conversion of a line-oriented database report (such as those output by Medline or EMBL) to a format suitable for incorporation in a general Database Management System such as "tab delimited" or "comma separated".
Download  (90 kb, 22-Sep-1993)

Data Base management system for LINKage analysis. A complete "dBASE IV" format database system, including a full dBASE utility routine. Import/export and file conversion facilities. Creates and converts files for (and/or between) LINKAGE, LIPED, HOMOG, SEXLODS, CRIMAP and CEPH. Produces informative outputs and summary tables from all of the LINKAGE modules.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Connecticut Health Center

DIG - Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence Linux  Unix  Windows
DIG is a Data Analysis, Reporting, Intelligence tool for data workers, labs, and webmasters. Use DIG to clean up duplicates, consolidate, trim, query, summarize large data set in Excel/Access, log files, Oracle, MySQL, lab or POS systems, or any databases. Comes with powerful Excel/Access add-ons, ad-hoc query & multi-dimensional analysis. Watch on-line demo, get a free 30-day trial, then pay $96/yr or $8/month.
Web Site Home Web Site: DigDB

DNA Sequence Formatter MS-DOS
File exchange program for automated fluorescent DNA sequencer data.
Download  (90 kb, 21-Sep-1992)

DNA Stacks Software Package v. 1.2 Mac
Utilities for molecular systematics include format conversions, colored alignment display, mitochondrial genome map comparisons (requires HyperCard or HyperCard Player).
Web Site Home Web Site: California State University Fullerton

DocXtools Windows
Our software, DocXtools helps regulatory operations professionals, medical writers and IT support teams at leading life sciences companies produce higher-quality submission documents faster.
Web Site Home Web Site: Microsystems

FASTA-BLAST Scan Windows
FASTA/BLAST Scan parses your FASTA or BLAST results and allows you to save sequences of real interest for you in a Pearson format multi-sequence file. This file is compatible with the CLUSTALW program.
Web Site Home Web Site: Olivier Friard

ForCon Windows
Seqence format conversion utility. This is a companion program to TreeCon.
Web Site Home Web Site: ForCon website - Dept of Plant Genetics - Gent University

GenTools Unix
Software for analysis and manipulation of genetic linkage data of genetic linkage data, including conversions of pedigree files between CRI-MAP and LINKAGE format.
Web Site Home Web Site: GenLink, Washington University

Genchek Linux  Mac  Unix  Windows

Genchek is a comprehensive, multi-platform, sequence analysis software package. It facilitates analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), Complete Genome, and SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) data. Genchek is a research information and experiment management tool that integrates public and proprietary data through a discovery workspace that provides contextual access to sequence analysis tools, content and services. Genchek has an integral database system that can be used to access, store, organize and retrieve DNA, protein and vector sequences in an intuitive environment that offers editing, management and annotation of sequences.

Web Site Home Web Site: Ocimum Biosolutions - BioIT - Bioinformatics - Genchek?

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