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A Mathematics Coursebook: Basic Data handling for Science Windows
Jon Maber's ToolBook application which attempts to convey some basic concepts to first year biological science students of average mathematical ability (i.e. innumerate).
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

A Mathematics Coursebook: Basic Data handling for Science & Medicine Windows
This prototype tutorial module, written using Asymetrix Toolbook, is designed to improve the basic understanding of elementary mathematical concepts applied to the graphical representation of numerical data. It is for use by first year biological science and medical undergraduates. The tutorial contains static text and graphics and is combined with many interactive features such as equations which rearrange themselves step by step or graphs of equations which redraw when their parameters are adjusted. The tutorial covers the following topics: graphing experimental data; understanding linear equations and graphs; exponents and rearranging equations containing exponents; algorithms; exponential growth and decay; linear transformation of numerical data.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

ABI to FASTA free converter Windows
This free tool will batch convert all (selected) ABI files to FASTA files. All you need to do is to locate your ABI chromatogram files and press the CONVERT button. With this automatic converter you can convert hundreds or thousands of ABI chromatogram files in seconds. All with A SINGLE PUSH OF A BUTTON! ---------- No installation process is required.
Web Site Home Web Site: DNA Baser Contig Assembler

AGM Build Linux  Windows
A molecular builder and conformational editor. AGM Build can be used for interactive model preparation for molecular dynamics simulations, including association of atom types and partial charges. Features: * Geometry editing * Lattice building * Building of chain molecules * Chains with predetermined conformations * Charges and atom types according to selected Force Field
Web Site Home Web Site: Agile Molecule

ALP Windows
Automated Linkage Preprocessor. Determines sizes of microsatellite fragments separated on an A.L.F. Sequencer (Pharmacia Biotech), removes stutter, performs genotyping and Mendelian checks, and formats data for Lathrop's Linkage Program Package.
Web Site Home Web Site: MRC Human Genetics Unit

Abalone Windows
a program for biomolecular modeling. General Features: Molecular Dynamics, optimization, implicit and explicit water.
Web Site Home Web Site: Agile Molecule

Add Journals Windows
We are one of the most leading USA academic publishing groups,Publishing books and Journals since 2001. David Publishing Company enjoys international recognition as a rapidly growing new publishing company which mainly publishes English academic journals and books. At present, it publishes more than 40 academic journals monthly. Our journals cover all the academic areas including medicine, engineering, technology, natural science, social science, humanity and so on. Our authors and readers are from more than 165 countries. All of our journals are peer reviewed. And also, our reviewers and editorial board members are from different countries all over the world. We foster communication among our customers - researchers, students and professionals - enabling them to work more efficiently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning. We provide special services for the professional market. We not only publish books, journals, conference proceedings but also cooperate with conference organizers and societies and so on.
Web Site Home Web Site: David Publishing Company

Amino Acid Quizzer! Internet Browser
Learning tool to help students understand protein structure. The general idea is to assign each student (or pair of students) a sequence number or range. Their goal is to type in the assigned number(s), then identify the amino acid(s) displayed, including which is N-terminal and which is C-terminal. Optionally, they can then characterize the amino acid as charged, polar but not charged, or hydrophobic, etc. Requires Chime plugin for Netscape.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Anatomy Case Studies Windows
This set of programs, authored with Asymetrix Toolbook, is for use as a teaching aid in Anatomy courses for pre-clinical medical students. Their aim is to help gain an understanding of regional Gross Anatomy. They may be used as a supplement to existing classes in Gross Anatomy, emphasising the Applied aspects of such a course. Each program consists of a series of clinical case notes, upon which the student is required to act, or answer questions. A set of three case histories is documented for each region of the body.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Anatomy and Histology of Kidney Windows
This tutorial package, developed using Asymetrix Toolbook, serves as an introduction as well as revision tutorials for first year science and medical undergraduates. It introduces the students to the gross anatomy and histology of the kidney and is designed to complement ongoing lectures and practicals. The package is highly interactive with a series of MCQs and text based questions that require keyboard entry and mouse identification of structures. As the student progresses they 'zoom' in from macroscopic to electon-microscopic views of the kidney.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Animations & Video Clips in CAL: MS Video for Windows & Quicktime for Macintosh Mac  Windows
Selective use of animations and video sequences can enhance CAL material and aid the understanding of difficult topics. Incorporation of high quality animated graphics has become relatively easy using readily available software and hardware on both Windows based IBM PCs and Macintosh computers. The presentation of animations and video clips within CAL packages can be elegantly controlled by either Asymetrix Toolbook or Hypercard Stacks and the application of conversion programs confers cross platform compatibility.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Antibody Internet Browser
An introductory presentation on Antibodies, suitable for lectures or individual study. Requires Chime plugin for Netscape.
Web Site Home Web Site: University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ascalaph Linux  Windows
Molecular Modelling Suite. * Molecular Design * Molecular mechanics simulations * Quantum calculations * Force Field development * GPU accelerated Molecular Dynamics
Web Site Home Web Site: Agile Molecule

Ascalaph Quantum Windows
3D graphic interface for the Quantum Mechanics program PC GAMESS. Ascalaph Quantum provides the generation and editing of molecular models.
Web Site Home Web Site: Agile Molecule

Bacterial Growth Windows
Microbiology Laboratory Simulation Program. This program is a practical simulation and tutorial illustrating the methods that are used in measuring growth in bacteria in batch culture for use in science undergraduate courses. The software requires ToolBook.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioNet

Beacon Designer Mac  Windows
Beacon Designer is a tool for designing probes and primers for real time detection of PCR products. Designs primers and probes for multiplex and allele discrimination assays. Displays secondary structures in a simple graphical format. Uses statistical optimization techniques to output the best rated primer/probe pair. Generates a list of alternate probes to meet specific research needs. Allows complete control over design parameters. Evaluates pre-designed/published beacons and primers. Integrates to web to BLAST search and open sequences from Entrez. Exports results in a tab delimited format ready to be loaded into a database, spreadsheet, or sent for oligo synthesis.
Web Site Home Web Site: PREMIER Biosoft

Becoming a Successful Scientist Internet Browser
Provides information and links of interest on succeeding in scientific research.
Web Site Home Web Site: Becoming a Successful Scientist

BioMapper Internet Browser  Windows
Web Site Home Web Site: BIOGIS Biodiversity, Geo and Metadata Management Solutions

BioOffice Internet Browser  Windows
BioOffice from BIOGIS Consulting is a tool for input, mapping, spatial analysis and exchange of biological distribution data and collections. This application for professional biodiversity data management is used at many natural history museums and universities in Europe and also in international projects.
Web Site Home Web Site: BioOffice Biodiversity Data Management Solutions

Biochem 1.75 Windows
Biochem is an electronic biochemistry tutorial. Updates and expansions will make this multimedia document more comprehensive. Intended users are students and educators in settings ranging from high school to college. Requires Adobe Acrobat.
Download  (1063 kb, 29-Jun-1998)

Biochemical Pathways Internet Browser
Biochemical Pathways is the online version of Boehringer Mannheim's Biochemical Pathways chart. Fully searchable by keyword.
Web Site Home Web Site: Expasy

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology Protocols
Life sciences methods and protocols focusing on biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology experiments.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology Protocols

Bioinformatics Web Practical Internet Browser
The Bioinformatics Web Practical is an introduction to bioinformatics, with emphasis on protein sequence analysis.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biomolecular Structure and Modelling Unit, University College London

Biological Research Protocol Books Internet Browser
Comprehensive and organized list of protocol books in biochemistry, molecular biology, and other life sciences.
Web Site Home Web Site: Biological Research Protocol Books

CAChe Linux  Mac  Unix  Windows
CAChe is a leading computer-aided chemistry modelling package designed for experimental chemists conducting research in life science, materials and chemical, as well as for undergraduate and graduate educators. CAChe lets every chemist visualize molecules in 3D, search for conformations, analyze chemical reactivity and predict properties of compounds with an easy-to-use, award-winning interface on desktop computers.
Web Site Home Web Site: Use CAChe to model your experiments

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